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Aftercooler, we also call the pneumatic charge air cooler.

The aftercooler is mainly used for air compressors, portable air compressors, mobile ice-blasting equipment, etc., mainly for application environment restrictions, unable to provide 380V industrial power, using the high-pressure gas generated by the air compressor itself to drive the motor blades to achieve a certain amount of air. The best self-circulating system is then achieved by air-cooling to cool its own high temperature gas.

We offer a combination of different displacements (150CFM/250CFM/375CFM/500CFM/600CFM/750CFM/900CFM/1000CFM/1150CFM/1500CFM), which can be used to select heat exchangers with different heat exchange rates depending on the gas cube of the air compressor.

At the same time, we provide different precision oil and water, water and gas filters to achieve the best filtration results, to ensure the product's operating life.

Different fixed frame combinations can be customized according to customer requirements, or mobile frame combinations can be moved.

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