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ZHCOOLER established in 1998, is a professional manufacturer of radiators cold plate heat exchanger and bar plate fin heat exchanger company.

ZHCOOLER Group has three sub-brands,Zhenhua Heat Exchanger and Zhenhua Radiator,Thermictransfer.

Zhenhua Heat Exchanger focus on bar plate fin type,Zhenhua Radiator focus on tube&flat fin type,Thermictransfer focus on cold plate.

In 20 years of continuous design and development, the rich experience can satisfy your need for different heat exchanger.

The standard mature series heat exchanger is suitable for the engine system,electronic power equipment, hydraulic system, generator set, concrete mixer, engineering machinery, industry, mining, agriculture, power generation equipment, chemicals, automobiles, special vehicles,high-power chips, high-power electronic devices, power equipment, integrated circuits, medical equipment, aerospace vehicles, server data centers, railway locomotives, high-speed railways, new energy equipment, solar equipment, wind power equipment, electric vehicles, signal base stations etc.

Now we export more than 30 countries including the United States, Germany,Japan,Korea Canada, Australia, Finland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Netherlands, Russia, Malaysia,Turkey and etc.

ZHCOOLER is certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management),CE. The additional certifications according to ISO 14001 emphasise the important corporate goals of ecological friendliness and the conservation of resources.

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