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ZHCOOLER has 14 years of experience in R&D and production of engine radiators. The long-term cooperation engine brands are Yanmar/Cummins/Deutz/Perkins/Kubota/Isuzu/Mitsubishi/MTU. Our experience is based on the engine power provided by the purchaser. Performance curve, single heat dissipation or multiple combined heat dissipation requirements, we simulate the calculation of heat dissipation requirements, and design a three-dimensional cooler solution according to the engine size combined with the installation environment, provide customers with three-dimensional model confirmation, and provide performance parameter reports through simulation calculation. Finally, according to the customer's suggestion to adjust and optimize, form an effective program. We will then provide samples for performance testing, mass production through long-term performance, stress testing, resistance testing, etc.

At present, we design up to 5 combined heat exchangers for construction machinery, including two oil coolers, water cooler, intercooler, and fuel heat exchanger.

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