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What Are Common Structures Of Bar Plate Heat Exchanger?

bar plate heat exchanger design, including design calculation and performance checking. Design and calculation is under the condition of certain parameters, calculation of heat exchanger heat transfer area required for effective length (or) performance check is in the original design process conditions change situation, determine the fluid outlet temperature whether meet the technological requirements.

Majority of bar plate heat exchanger is the flow of multi-strand multicomponent fluid heat transfer, fluid in plate beam, the uniform distribution is an important problem in structure design, it directly affects the heat exchanger performance. Especially for multicomponent mixture of two phase flow, if the uneven distribution of fluid in the flow channel, make the boiling and condensation at different gas-liquid equilibrium conditions and exothermic coefficient will be different. If gravely deviates from the design conditions, will worsen the heat transfer performance greatly, so in the two-phase flow heat exchanger structure design, this must cause enough attention.

Fluid liquid volume percentage of imports in 5% ~ 95% of the total, to quickly two-phase fluid full mixing and uniformly distributed in the flow channel, gas-liquid two phase separation, first must be respectively into the heat exchanger to heat again, can be used according to different working conditions and operating features, choose a different uniform structure.

The most common form of bar plate heat exchanger is:

In the beam channel, a porous jet pipe is placed through a seal, the liquid is injected directly into the channel, and the gas is evenly distributed to the beam.

In the beam, a horizontal fin that is perpendicular to the direction of the flow.

Add a porous board to your head.

Put the nozzle in the head, and the liquid is ejected from the nozzle and carried away with the air.

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