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The Usefulness Of Fin Type Heat Exchanger And Application

Fin type heat exchanger is consist on the core, end socket, take over and pedestal.Hot flashes in completed by core body, therefore the most critical part is the core. Core body by the fin, baffle plate, seal with a deflector.

The role of the fin heat exchanger

Fin is the most basic elements, fin heat exchanger heat transfer is mainly rely on the fin to complete, part done directly by the diaphragm. And finned heat transfer is not like clapboard is heat transfer directly, so the fin is regarded as "secondary surface". Fin in addition to undertake the task the main heat transfer, and the strengthening effect between two partition.

The application of the fin type heat exchanger

Heat exchanger used in air separation equipment;

Petrochemical ethylene plant, ammonia plant, such as natural gas liquefaction and separation device;

Used in cryogenic equipment, refrigeration, liquefaction of hydrogen and helium;

Used for the field of refrigeration and air conditioning;

Used in automotive and aerospace industries;

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